Latest Trucks In Australia

Latest Types Of Trucks In Australia

Trucks are quite popular in the land down under. In the rural regions of Australia,  the average on-road sedan will not suffice for the job, be it traveling through terrain without roads or just lugging a load of bricks from hardware store to a building site. To tackle the problems at hand, auto manufacturers have created various utility vehicles, also called utes, for the Australian market and other regions where the terrain is rarely so gentle as to easily allow roads. And, while still largely the domain of tradesmen and other professionals, other Australians are getting in on the act. With this in mind, here are the latest models and types of trucks in Australia.

picture of a 2016 truck or ute

Ford of Australia’s offerings for the 2016 year in utes has been very well received by car reviewers. The 2016 Ford Ranger XLT is still standing above the competition, despite thorough redesigns from competing models. The flagship model for the Ranger line, the Wildtrak, has also gotten high marks. In 2016, Toyota came out with a wide range of utes worthy of rough terrain driving, or so they claim. The Hilux Workmate 4×4 was specifically designed with trade work in mind and has been received with high reviews.

The 2016 Hilux has likewise reviewed high reviews and has been described as an improvement over the previous designs. The latest Hilux SR5, while no longer the king of the ute hill, is still an impressive vehicle. Another popular model, the Volkswagen Amarok, has also been tested by reviewers through pretty brutal conditions in the famous Australian countryside, and while the 2016 model lacks a low range gearbox, some feel that the ute is doing all right without one. Another Japanese offering is the Nissan Navara. The 2016 model,  Navara ST-X, attempts to combine the durability and power of a workhorse ute with comforts fit for weekenders. While the balance struck was less than ideal, it still received solid reviews.

The Mitsubishi Triton is another popular brand of ute across Australia. The 2016 Triton GLS model is an improvement over older Mitsubishi utes though it is oftentimes considered a somewhat inferior design to models such as the Amarok and Ranger. Some reviewers feel that Mitsubishi still has some ways to go before it can truly conquer the ute market. The Holden Colorado has also made a model this year, and while few will deny that it isn’t a solid ute, its performance stacked up against other leaders in the field has been somewhat lacking. Isuzu has also made a worthy effort to get into ute market with the Ute D-Max, which has some similarities to the Holden Colorado, but still lags behind in performance.

Mazda has also put forth a notable effort in the field of utes, the BT-50. Though the BT-50 is similar in design to the Ranger, it doesn’t sell quite as well due to subtle differences. Finally, there is the tried and true Toyota Landcruiser LC70. While it hasn’t seen any serious changes since 2007 and is more than a little outdated, it retains a reputation in ute circles.

What You Need to Look For When Buying Commercial Trucks and Trailers

Purchasing a utilized truck is not the same as purchasing a used car. Without a doubt, they have a few things in common, but trucks are purpose-built machines that keep running for a huge number of miles. If you don’t comprehend what to look for when you’re purchasing one, you could easily wind up with a bad deal or a truck that doesn’t fit your needs. The following are some of the things to consider when buying a truck.

Truck Layout and Axles

By far the most vital part of purchasing a truck is purchasing the right truck for your requirements. Trucks layouts include tandem axle highway haulers and flatbeds to box trucks. These trucks are not all made equal – choosing which one you ought to purchase relies on what you’ll use it for.


Another major aspect of your decision of truck is the engine. You’ll need to pick a truck with the perfect measure of strength and towing ability to move your loads around. Contractors towing little excavators or gear won’t require as much power as drivers pulling 40-ton trailers for many miles.

It’s additionally a good idea to review the engine itself when you’re purchasing the truck. You should attempt to acclimate yourself with the truck as much as possible, particularly in case you’re purchasing as a private proprietor. Ensure you’re comfortable with the engine and investigate its condition before you purchase.


Most trucks in the US are manuals, yet programmed transmissions are turning out to be popular in the trucking scene. If you have a CDL, or if you’ve been driving for quite a while, you’ll likely be happy with driving a manual truck. A few drivers, however, lean toward the simplicity and accommodation of an automatic. You’ll need to comprehend what type of transmission the truck has before you purchase so you can make sure you’ll be cheerful and comfortable driving it.


Before, a truck that hit 500,000 miles on its original engine was ready for either a full reconstruct or the parts bin. Today, numerous advanced trucks can hit that number effortlessly and still keep running for quite a long time. However, you ought to dependably know the mileage of a truck when you purchase it. The aggregate number miles a truck has driven shows the amount of wear and tear the truck has seen and what condition you can expect the engine, transmission, and comfortable driving it.

History and Maintenance

Once in a while, it can be hard to realize what the genuine state of a truck is before you put a few miles into it yourself. In any case, if your truck has complete or recent maintenance records, those records can be an indicator of how the truck was treated by its past proprietor. More complete or recent records may demonstrate that a truck is very much cared for. That, in turn, can let you feel better about purchasing it.

At last, purchasing a utilized truck doesn’t need to be a complicated procedure. You simply need to consider what you need and what you’ll utilize the truck for. When you realize that, the right truck should be easy to find.